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Our Drivers

Here at HiDeliver, we focus on more than providing you with a professional driver — we also make sure that they are an upstanding member of the community who knows how to treat your customers. We are more than an online order delivery service. At HiDeliver, we aim to build a stronger community across The United States and for that, we provide full time employment to seniors who have been sidelined by the regular work force. We don’t have one set formula for our Drivers — they are hired based on the, personality and experience.

Who are they?

We’re lucky to have such a wonderful group of senior drivers. They come from all walks of life and they all have one thing in common: they love to drive! and much more:

  • Seniors are more careful
  • Seniors are more patient
  • Seniors can drive safer than younger drivers and have less accidents.
  • Seniors are more gentle and respect your belongings.

No matter who you are, our senior drivers will make sure to your packages arrive safely.

Why are our drivers seniors?

 You’ve probably seen our HiDrivers delivering your packages with care and love. If you’ve ever wondered why they seem to know all the shortcuts around town, it is because they’ve been driving around these streets since they were in their prime, back when they were active. This leads to a more enjoyable experience for both, businesses and their customers because deep within each of them lies the desire to make everyone happy.


The delivery industry is a complicated one, and it’s easy to forget that the people who are vital to its functioning are often overlooked. Yet delivering packages to the people they’re meant for is what our senior drivers do best, being extremely professional and polite at all times. Basically, you couldn’t ask for more responsible or hard-working people to be behind the wheel!

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